Alicia Saia

Director, Solutions Marketing

As Director, Solutions Marketing at MarkLogic, Alicia is responsible for directing overall MarkLogic product marketing efforts, as well as market messaging and content development for solutions across MarkLogic’s verticals (Public Sector, Healthcare, Media, Financial Services, Retail, Energy, Insurance, etc.). Prior to joining MarkLogic, she held a variety of marketing and product management roles at software companies in the public sector, security, and healthcare markets.

Most Posts By Alicia Saia

Does MarkLogic Really Do What We Say It Does?

MarkLogic talks about the improved agility we enable for our customer – speeding up time to market for new products, as well as making it easier for organizations to adjust to changes in their business requirements. But can it be proven?


Don’t Let Your IT Be a Race Car With a Buggy Whip

Imagine a driver heading to the finish line by encouraging his race car to get that extra bit of oomph by wielding a buggy whip — a long shaft whose snapping sound spurred horses pulling carriages in days long ago. As ridiculous as that image might seem, it’s similar to how many enterprises today are […]


Big Data: Allowing IT to Show It’s More Relevant Than Ever

In years past, IT departments were the gatekeepers of innovation — the ones with the power to say No to new applications and solutions. Today, IT knows that to remain relevant it must now say Yes to find solutions to important business issues and drive innovation. So what’s making so many of them say No […]


Uses of Semantic Technology in Financial Services

My colleague Amir Halfon – MarkLogic’s CTO of Global Financial Services – just posted a new addition to his “Big Data Blog” describing how Financial Services organizations can benefit from Semantic Web Technology. In the post, he lays out five different use cases – Customer 360, Data Provenance, Reference Data, Pre-Trade Analytics and Decision Support, […]


Meet Matt, Our New Product Marketing Guy

Meet Matt Allen, a product marketing manager who recently joined MarkLogic and is based in our Washington, DC office. Matt has already jumped into writing white papers, meeting with product managers, and prepping for MarkLogic World 2014, but he took the time to sit down with us for a few minutes to share a bit […]


HIMSS14 Recap: Big booths and bigger data

I’m heading back from my first HIMSS conference since the late 1990s, and it’s been interesting to see what has changed – and what hasn’t – since I was last there. First off, the conference has pretty much doubled in size in the past 15 years – I remember thinking it was huge back then […]


Long Live the Text Box

I just read an interesting new blog post from my colleague Ken Krupa, entitled “The Mighty Text Box,” where he takes a look at implementations of search capabilities – including a historical look-back comparison of Yahoo and Google. Ken has worked with a lot of folks in a lot of organizations, both before and since […]


Don’t want to set up IT infrastructure? Use MarkLogic in the AWS Cloud

More and more organizations – in both the public and private sectors – are turning to the cloud to get fast, cost-effective IT infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure – like that provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) – is proven to be scalable, reliable, and secure, and can help improve data accessibility (including better support for a […]


A BI dashboard for “intelligent” unstructured information

My colleague Sara Mazer just finished putting together a very cool interactive application on the Tableau Public site that shows how you can do BI-style visualization (with Tableau) on top of the information from email data stored in MarkLogic’s MarkMail service. And, she even set it up so that you can see an example of […]


Myth-busting metrics – XML vs JSON

Came across this article in my Google* alerts today: “XML Found To Be Just As Fast As JSON” which describes a paper written by one of my colleagues here at MarkLogic, David Lee — a paper which “documents an experiment where he pit XML against JSON in almost 1,200 tests covering 33 different documents across […]