John Biedebach

John Biedebach has 25 years of experience in data warehousing and business intelligence. John lives in Dallas, TX and manages pre-sales for the South region. In his spare time John works as a paramedic for Collin County EMS

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Is There a Better Way to Organize Data? Let’s Look to Amazon

Amazon has upended the traditional brick and mortar way of storage and retrieval — with its “chaotic storage.” Can this inspire how companies store, organize and retrieve data?


5 Must-haves for Your Proactive Vigilance Center

“Proactive Vigilance” determines the overall health of how your organization is functioning by measuring baselines, identifying KPIs and setting alerts when things go awry.


Proactive Vigilance Ensures the Health of Your Company

Measuring compliance is a great way to measure the health of your organization — but just how do you do that? Tools that provide accountability measure not only results but the work surrounding the results. Here’s how risk managers are rolling up real-time data: trades, messages, emails, IMs, in order to assure proactive vigilance.


Multi-Model Database: The New Normal

If we want to capture structured data alongside all of the other information that goes with it: Did you purchase something? What about linking your review (unstructured data) to your purchase? Did you post your new purchase to social media? Only a multi-model database lets you capture all the data to get a complete picture.


What’s the Deal With an XML Database?

The best database for XML? an XML database! See why these top four industries are embracing the best XML database that handles JSON, text and RDF too!


A Document By Any Other Name Is XML or JSON

Industries are waking up to the fact that treasure is in unstructured data. Threats dictate that the intelligence community look at everything; Healthcare reform is forcing interoperability; the financial services industry satisfies regulators by providing supporting information for any trade.


I Spent a Week at the Drugstore One Night

Poor customer service is choking many retail businesses — and most won’t stop using the wrong tools in order to right the ships. Here’s what they should be doing.