Matt Allen

Director of Product Marketing

Matt Allen is a Director of Product Marketing Manager responsible for marketing all the features and benefits of MarkLogic across all verticals. In this role, Matt interfaces with the product and engineering team and with sales and marketing to create content and events that educate and inspire adoption of the technology. Matt is based at MarkLogic headquarters in San Carlos, CA and in his free time he is an artist who specializes in large oil paintings.

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Top Data Security Concerns Around Data Integration

Every organization is fighting for data security, and it’s important to address the tactical details (incident patterns, attack vectors dynamic testing, etc.), while also taking a broader, more strategic look at how data is handled in your organization.


The Year of Data Governance: Key Questions You Should Be Asking

Data expert David Gorbet sits down to discuss the importance of Data Governance. This includes: How Governance differs from Security, examples of Governance “fails”, and why Governance is a cornerstone of Data Lakes.


Test Drive MarkLogic 9!

MarkLogic 9, now in Beta, is our most ambitious release ever. It makes “The Best Database for Integrating Data from Silos” more powerful, more secure, and more manageable. You can begin testing by joining the Early Access program. This Beta release is the result of a massive R&D effort — which brings features for data […]


Can NoSQL Really Solve the Problem?

With Oracle you would need a database, search engine, and triple store in order to replicate the capabilities you get with MarkLogic’s single unified system. With MarkLogic, you get a unified, multi-model database for modern, transactional, enterprise-grade applications.


Answers to the Common Reasons People Doubt NoSQL

Gone are the days of single app databases. As MarkLogic product manager Justin Makeig says, “Applications are ephemeral—data is forever.”


Get the ETL Out of Here

Significantly reduce the cost and time associated with ETL by using a multi-model database that makes data integration faster and easier. Yes, you still harmonize data — but only after you load it. See how companies are doing it!


Ein leben ohne ETL ist möglich!

Reduzieren Sie Ihre ETL Aufwände durch eine Multi Model Datenbank, die Ihre Datenintegration vereinfacht und beschleunigt. Erfahren Sie außerdem, wie unsere Kunden die Lösung einsetzen.


Nothing Common about the Common Criteria Security Certification

Security is getting more and more critical. One recent report from PwC shows the number of security incidents in 2015 increased by 38% compared to 2014. And along with increased risk comes increased spending. According to a recent report by Gartner, worldwide security spending reached $76.9 billion in 2015, and is expected to reach $170 […]


New Enhancements for Semantics in MarkLogic 8.0-4

MarkLogic 8.0-4 Now Available This type of release is not usually something I would write a blog post about—and technically, MarkLogic 8.0-4 is but another in the sequence of maintenance releases that round out the enormous leaps and bounds we made with the release of MarkLogic 8 last February. But we decided to pack a […]


RDBMS Are A Mismatch For Modern App Development

Relational databases require ORM, which extracts the data away, tearing apart the data and adding more overhead in the process. This post is the last one in my series about “why RDBMS aren’t working” to handle today’s data challenges. The previous posts focused on the relational data model being a poor fit for today’s data, […]