MarkLogic Releases New Enterprise-Class Data Hub Framework to Enhance Data Agility and Speed Digital Transformations

New Reference Architecture Helps Organizations Build and Scale NoSQL Databases to
Tackle Complex Data Integration Challenges

San Carlos, Calif. – September 26, 2017 – MarkLogic Corporation, the leading operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database provider, announced a new reference architecture, the MarkLogic® Data Hub Framework, specifically designed to allow IT architects and developers to quickly and easily integrate data silos and drive digital transformation projects. This new open source framework is free under the Apache License 2.0, and is already being utilized by global Fortune 1000 organizations to maximize their investments in next-generation NoSQL technologies.

Traditionally, integrating data from silos has been very costly and very time consuming for large organizations looking to make faster and better decisions based on their data assets. The Data Hub Framework simplifies and speeds the process of building a MarkLogic solution by providing a framework around how to data model, load data, harmonize data, and iterate with new data and compliance requirements.

“As one of the pioneers of NoSQL databases, we felt it was important to create an agile framework designed specifically for developers to both speed and ease the complexity around large data integration or digital transformation projects,” said Paxton Hare, principal community engineer, MarkLogic. “Supported by a community of dedicated developers around the world, this new reference architecture captures the best practices learned from MarkLogic’s string of successful enterprise NoSQL deployments over the past decade. We believe that any organization that wants to move quickly to access, manage and operationalize their data assets will benefit from a central repository with NoSQL technology at the center.”

Unlike other databases, NoSQL was specifically designed to ingest and integrate all types of disparate data to find relationships among data, and drive searches and analytics —within seconds. MarkLogic’s flagship enterprise NoSQL database platform, MarkLogic 9, enables enterprises to rapidly, easily and affordably achieve an actionable 360-degree view of their data – whether in the cloud or on-premise – to build next-generation applications and drive business outcomes. MarkLogic 9 provides the agility and scalability of NoSQL and builds on advanced features like semantics and bitemporal by adding new enterprise-grade features like Optic API, advanced encryption and entity services to make data integration faster and easier, data security stronger and management more efficient.

To learn more about how to build and scale your own data hub using the new framework, you can attend a free online, hands-on workshop led by MarkLogic University. Details below:

Technical Workshop: Using the MarkLogic Data Hub Framework

Time: 4 hours (Note: Courses are offered worldwide in various time zones.)
Cost: Free

Learn more and sign up:

For more information about MarkLogic’s Data Hub Framework, visit MarkLogic’s Developer Community page.

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