GDPR Quick Start Brochure

– November 15, 2017

Learn how you can jumpstart your GDPR preparation with our 30-day consulting package.


MiFID II Quick Start

– October 16, 2017

Accelerate your MiFID II compliance within 30 days


Developing Secure Applications on MarkLogic

– October 12, 2017

In this technical white paper, we take a close look at that security functionality, and discuss the MarkLogic Security
Model that supports developing secure applications on MarkLogic.


Top Data Security Concerns When Integrating Data

– October 12, 2017

Data security is a top priority for organizations and there are a plethora of tactical details that DevOps and security experts need to worry about. But, what should CIOs, architects, and business leaders focus on at a strategic level?


Favoriser la conformité réglementaire

– August 25, 2017

Ce livre blanc concerne un élément clé de tout programme de GRC : la conformité réglementaire.
Nous étudions les coûts associés, les pratiques et les risques actuels, recommandons une approche orientée vers la technologie et examinons les principaux avantages commerciaux pour les entreprises de services financiers, d’assurances et de distribution d’énergie.


Financial Markets Essentials: Staying on Top of the Market

– August 16, 2017

A look-ahead white paper discussing some of the trends in financial markets and offering a technology perspective on how to stay on top of them.


The Opportunity of Real World Data

– August 14, 2017

Success of real world evidence development efforts depends heavily upon your organization’s capacity to generate results in a comprehensive and cost-efficient manner. Is your organization equipped for success?


Assurance 360 : Client, risques et opérations de données

– August 10, 2017

Ce livre blanc vous montre comment la technologie peut faciliter la gestion du risque, la fidélisation de la clientèle et l’accélération de l’activité grâce à l’efficacité opérationnelle. Ce sont les trois défis les plus urgents que les assureurs doivent relever, tous liés en réalité au même défi : aucune vision complète de la vérité n’existe aujourd’hui.


Building Security Into MarkLogic

– July 10, 2017

Learn how MarkLogic’s engineering team applies best practices, tools, and techniques to build the most secure product possible.


M&E Spring Journal: Tackling Data to Create Smart Production

– June 23, 2017

Pioneering companies are proving that production data can be used to reduce complexity on set and drive reporting.


What’s New In MarkLogic 9

– May 3, 2017

MarkLogic 9 makes it easier to manage continuously changing data from across enterprise, includes capabilities to make security stronger, and provides a more unified platform for managing MarkLogic database clusters. Learn more about these and many other additional features and enhancements.


Gaining Transparency with Changing Regulations

– May 1, 2017

As the regulatory landscape expands and contracts for financial institutions, the need for a 360-degree view of data with increased transparency, agility and speed is mission critical. Download this white paper to learn how to adapt to regulatory complexity and change from reactive to proactive compliance.


Insurance 360

– April 10, 2017

In this white paper, you will learn how technology can enable a holistic view of your customers and risk practices, as well as business benefits of leveraging a reusable technology across multiple departments.


Agile Enterprise Metadata Management

– March 30, 2017

Learn how MarkLogic helps healthcare and life sciences organizations put valuable metadata into action to improve search and discovery, simplify regulatory compliance, deliver more accurate and reliable quality reports, and provide better customer service.


Enabling Regulatory Compliance

– March 14, 2017

Learn how to make the shift from reactive to proactive in this white paper. Integrate your data silos to finally navigate the data maze.



– February 15, 2017

Oubliez les idées reçues. Malgré les prédictions des analystes, la réalisation des objectifs de votre entreprise n’est pas vouée à l’échec. Vous pouvez exploiter toutes vos données pour atteindre vos objectifs de manière plus efficace et moins coûteuse.


Règlement Général Sur La Protection Des Données – Processus De Conformité

– January 30, 2017

Qu’est-ce que le RGPD et comment se mettre en conformité avec les nouvelles obligations?


MiFID II – Solving the Data Challenge

– January 18, 2017

Is Your Organization on the Path to MiFID II Compliance? Get up to speed with this white paper.


MarkLogic ou Comment Relever les Défis de la MiFID II

– December 15, 2016

Ce livre blanc traite de l’une des réglementations prioritaires pour les directeurs d’institutions financières : la Directive sur les marchés d’instruments financiers (MiFID II). Quels sont les principaux défis et quelle technologie peut permettre d’y répondre ? Vous trouverez la réponse à ces questions et à de nombreuses autres dans le présent document.


EU General Data Protection Regulation: The Path to Compliance

– November 21, 2016

What is EU GDPR and how you can expedite compliance?


Data Management Use Cases in Financial Regulation

– September 22, 2016

New and changing regulatory and competitive pressures require financial services institutions to increase transparency and make better use of the massive amounts of disparate and intricate data they use and produce each day. This whitepaper describes six key lessons learned from our work with global financial institutions who faced the challenge of reconciling information across their data silos.


Logistique 360° : Secteur de la Grande Distribution

– August 26, 2016

La chaîne logistique est un environnement complexe, dynamique et implique plusieurs parties prenantes et l’échange d’un grand nombre de données à tous les niveaux de la chaîne.


Plan for Success With High-Stakes Data Projects

– July 26, 2016

Your high-stakes data projects don’t have to end – as analysts predict – in failure. Learn how to leverage all of your data to reach your objectives with less time and expense than you might imagine. The key is to start with the end in mind …


Enterprise Data Strategy in the Healthcare Landscape

– July 12, 2016

The healthcare landscape is changing. Heightened competition and risk in this evolving environment demands an enterprise data strategy that accelerates business objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.


M&E Journal: Smart Content Makes an Impact on the Entire Supply Chain

– May 27, 2016

With direct to consumer products on the rise, the Media & Entertainment industry must tackle data with a new approach. This whitepaper highlights how organizations successfully put great content in front of audiences.


Dépasser le Modèle Relationnel

– May 16, 2016

Ce livre blanc vous apprend comment gérer les volumes massifs de données diverses, variées et changeantes en dépassent le modèle relationnel. Adoptez une base de données nouvelle génération : MarkLogic


Les Atouts de la Bitemporalité

– May 16, 2016

Les atouts de la bitemporalité : comprenez exactement à la fois la source (« ce que vous saviez ») et l’historique (« quand vous en avez eu connaissance ») des informations disponibles.


Seven Reasons to Start Building Your Healthcare Practice on MarkLogic Today

– May 11, 2016

MarkLogic is changing how organizations integrate and access their enterprise data. That’s great news for healthcare consultants. MarkLogic offers consulting firms new opportunities to serve clients with high-value, high-margin projects that engage their best talent and solve the stubborn challenges of healthcare data integration.


Addressing Academic Publishing Challenges

– May 4, 2016

Learn how MarkLogic and 67 Bricks are giving publishers a competitive edge through content enrichment, content access across business units, streamlined business processes, and faster time to market.


MarkLogic and Intel: Real Time Performance for Enterprise Applications

– April 28, 2016

MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL Database running on Intel architecture offers a blazingly fast data platform that provides a flexible data model for storing, managing, and searching today’s massive data sets, without sacrificing any of the resiliency and consistency features of last-generation relational databases.


Inside MarkLogic Server

, – April 26, 2016

MarkLogic Server is the only Enterprise NoSQL database. It is powerful, agile, and trusted. Why? Learn more by reading this whitepaper.


Universal Mortgage Repository

– April 21, 2016

A universal mortgage document or metadata repository is crucial to meet regulatory requirements to associate all history with any given mortgage – on demand.


Report: Disruption in Media and Entertainment

– April 19, 2016

The findings of the report confirm that the industry has coped well with recent shock waves, but still has much work to do to ride out the next wave of disruption.


E-Commerce and NoSQL in Retail

– March 24, 2016

Few industries have access to more data regarding consumers, products, and channels than the retail and consumer industries. Data-derived insights should be at the heart of what drives this business. So why do so many big data initiatives fail in retail?


Rethink Data Modeling

– March 1, 2016

Traditional data modeling is inadequate. Organizations are constrained by relational technology and they need a better approach to data modeling, to integrate data faster and build smarter applications: a multi-model approach using NoSQL and semantics.


Supply 360: Retail & Consumer Industries

– February 29, 2016

MarkLogic can help you integrate all your complex data across supply chain silos.


Moving Your System of Record to an Enterprise NoSQL Database

– February 18, 2016

From underwriting to fraud to claims, the benefits of replacing your mainframe with a NoSQL solution sooner rather than later.


Finance Industry Data on a NoSQL Solution

– February 18, 2016

Moving the financial firm’s data from legacy mainframe to Enterprise NoSQL on Intel-based solutions.


From Mainframe to NoSQL for the Public Sector

– February 18, 2016

The shortest, safest migration path from mainframe to Enterprise NoSQL for government systems.


Health Information Systems Mobilized by NoSQL Solutions

– February 18, 2016

Moving the system of record from legacy mainframe to Enterprise NoSQL on Intel-based solutions.


Enterprise NoSQL: The New Smarts for Retail Data

– February 18, 2016

E-commerce, omnichannel and big data signal the time for migration from mainframe to Enterprise NoSQL on Intel-based solutions.


Product 360: Retail and Consumer Industries

– December 4, 2015

MarkLogic helps companies turn product information into a source of competitive advantage.


Mainframe to NoSQL with MarkLogic and Intel

– November 18, 2015

Mainframes are expensive and difficult to manage. Learn about the benefits of moving to a MarkLogic and Intel solution for your data.


The Untold Story of Rescuing HealthCare.gov

– October 15, 2015

HealthCare.gov was the most mission-critical project in the history of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and MarkLogic’s technology and team produced results.


Beyond Relational

– August 31, 2015

Organizations face a growing inability to handle the massive volumes of disparate, varied, and changing data with the relational databases that have been relied on for the past three decades. For this reason, leading organizations are going beyond relational to embrace NoSQL databases.


Financial Regulatory Reporting Across An Evolving Schema

– July 14, 2015

Combining the MarkLogic database platform with the ModelDR data point modeling solution helps financial institutions achieve standardized views of their data, without the extensive ETL and data modeling effort required by relational databases.


Better With Bitemporal

– July 1, 2015

This whitepaper explains why you need a bitemporal database to truly maintain a complete and accurate picture of “what you knew” and “when you knew it,” and why NoSQL is best suited for bitemporal data.


Solving the Cybersecurity Threat Puzzle

– June 1, 2015

Read the Federal Computer Week Whitepaper on MarkLogic’s Object-based Intelligence solution which provides situational awareness across all insiders’ threats domain information sources and decision space.


MarkLogic on AWS

– February 20, 2015

MarkLogic runs easily on Amazon Web Services (AWS), a flexible, cost-effective, easy-to-use cloud computing platform.


Mining Metadata Gold with Semantics

– December 8, 2014

The value of metadata continues to grow in today’s digital marketplaces and maximizing this value impacts nearly every part of entertainment and media organizations.


Innovation, Security, and Compliance in a World of Big Data

– October 27, 2014

Don’t be forced to choose between security and innovation. MarkLogic provides certified, fine-grained, government-grade security at the database level.


MarkLogic Semantics

– October 16, 2014

What is semantics and why should you be using it? This white paper provides an overview of this new technology and discusses key ways organizations are using MarkLogic Semantics today.


The Right Database for the Right Data

– October 5, 2014

Find out the role of NoSQL in Hybrid Data Environments (HDE).


Improving Financial Crime Mitigation Through Big Data Analytics

– July 18, 2014

This white paper explores the application of NoSQL in data analytics, client onboarding, case management, and fraud detection.


MarkLogic for Government

– July 15, 2014

Out of NoSQL databases, agencies choose MarkLogic most often for mission critical operations in order to create value from vast stores of unstructured data.


Government Institutions: Simplifying Data Governance and Accelerating Real-time Big Data Analysis with MarkLogic Server and Intel

– July 8, 2014

This paper summarizes the issues public sector agencies face today with legacy RDBMS + SAN data environments and why the combination of MarkLogic, Apache Hadoop, and Intel provides a government-grade solution for Big Data.


Healthcare: Simplifying Data Governance and Accelerating Real-time Big Data Analysis with MarkLogic Server and Intel

– July 8, 2014

This paper summarizes the issues healthcare institutions face today with legacy RDBMS + SAN data environments and why the combination of MarkLogic, Apache Hadoop, and Intel provides a government-grade solution for Big Data.


Financial Services: Simplifying Data Governance and Accelerating Real-time Big Data Analysis with MarkLogic Server and Intel

– July 8, 2014

This paper summarizes the issues companies face today with legacy RDBMS + SAN data environments and why the combination of MarkLogic, Apache Hadoop, and Intel provides a solution for enterprise Big Data.


The NoSQL Generation: Embracing the Document Model

– May 14, 2014

With MarkLogic, enterprises can embrace the document model and securely move forward into the next era of databases.


MarkLogic Semantics

– March 19, 2014

With a specialized triple index, MarkLogic Semantics enables industry-standard SPARQL queries that can be combined with queries against documents and values, ensuring that all relevant information is delivered in applications and analytic reports.


The New Digital Supply Chain

– March 12, 2014

To meet the demands of the diverse and complex digital market place, media and entertainment companies are streamlining digital servicing and building a new generation of digital supply chain applications using a Big Data approach to collect and manage digital products and assets. Using real-world examples from studios and media companies, this paper looks at […]


Increase Agility and Reduce Costs with a Logical Data Warehouse

– February 18, 2014

A new breed of data warehouse – the Logical Data Warehouse – provides organizations with significant agility and cost savings when managing data and delivering information applications.


Making Sense of Big Data in Insurance

– September 16, 2013

The insurance industry is data-dependent. Business and regulatory drivers are pushing the industry to manage its data better. In this paper, ACORD and MarkLogic demystify some of the hype around Big Data and provide a pragmatic review of the technologies available and their strengths and weaknesses.


Going Digital – The Smart Way

– June 20, 2013

With Direct Digital and MarkLogic, smaller publishers can finally gain access to their own branded digital platform.


Custom Publishing in Education: Harnessing Technology to Maximize Results

– April 3, 2013

Education publishers are quietly testing new services and business models that can meet the needs of evolving environments while also generating new revenue.


Media’s Digital Dimes Are Finally Adding Up

– March 6, 2013

While print subscribers might have been a cost center, digital subscribers are yielding a pathway to a new and highly robust revenue stream.


Scaling to Olympic Proportions

– March 6, 2013

In the case of the BBC Olympic coverage, the flow of content was enormous, non-stop-real-time and went across every channel from web, mobile, tablets, and broadband.


Creating an Actionable View of Data with Data Virtualization

– February 14, 2013

The MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL database gives organizations a comprehensive, actionable view of their mission-critical data in an agile and cost effective architecture.


Top 3 Ways Big Data Impacts Financial Services

– July 9, 2012

Financial services firms face Big Data challenges that impact 3 key business areas: operational efficiency, new product development, and compliance. To succeed, they need to investigate new technologies to give them a new competitive advantage.


MarkLogic for Media Executives

– May 1, 2012

Media companies are experimenting with new product offerings and business models, searching for new revenue streams, and ways to maintain market relevance. Learn what role MarkLogic plays in this movement, and how MarkLogic Server has helped countless media companies gain new agility.


Why MarkLogic: Addressing the Challenges of Unstructured Information with Purpose-built Technology

– November 1, 2011

We all know you should use the right tools for the job. But you might ask, why is MarkLogic the right tool for your job? This paper discusses the characteristics of unstructured information that make it unsuited for “structured tools,” and describes the MarkLogic features that show why it is purpose-built for unstructured information.


Beyond Relational: Designing and Deploying Applications for Mission Success Today

– November 1, 2010

Don’t stay behind, see what else is out there. Read this Whitepaper and learn about the database for unstructured data, enter the world beyond relational databases.


Information Applications: Exploring the Next Generation of Information Availability Technologies

– June 1, 2010

Download Ventana’s benchmark research to learn about the current state of Information Applications, and how respondents ranked the importance of factors like usability, reliability, functionality, and the business case for ROI and TCO.


Beyond FAST: Using MarkLogic to Drive Growth

– March 1, 2010

Existing FAST customers will be impacted by Microsoft’s new product roadmap for the standalone FAST products. Read why this is a good time to replace your search infrastructure with MarkLogic Server.


MarkLogic vs. Oracle

– February 1, 2010

This whitepaper discusses the advantages that MarkLogic Server has over Oracle XML DB with regard to performance, scalability, rapid application development, lower administration cost, business agility, and cost effectiveness.


Square Peg, Round Hole: Why Your Organization’s Information Does Not Fit Into Traditional IT Tools

– August 1, 2009

Content consumers are demanding greater flexibility in their selection and use of content. As a result, organizations are digging deep inside their content to create next-generation content applications that fuse content, context, and business logic to deliver solutions that support vital business processes.


XML Impacting the Enterprise: Tapping into the Power of XML, Five Success Stories

– March 1, 2009

Today many of the worlds top organizations are using XML servers to solve their toughest information access and delivery challenges. Following are the success stories of five industry leaders who are increasing agility with the help of MarkLogic Server.


Content-Driven Applications in the Federal Government

– September 1, 2008

See how government agencies are able to improve knowledge management and information sharing, making it easier to complete mission-critical assignments while lowering cost.