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New Vistas for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Combining Full-text and Chemical Information

May 21, 2015

Presenters: Guido Herrmann, Managing Director at Thieme Publishers. Josef Eiblmaier Head of Marketing InfoChem

The pharmaceutical and health industry strives to continually improve and augment the available repertoire of pharmaceutical treatments. Medicinal chemists start the innovation cycle by systematic searches in all available published information, i.e. scientific journals, chemical databases and internal documentations. An impediment is the existence of two separate information silos: full text information and chemical structures/reactions contained in databases.

The talk will describe how InfoChem has developed a technological infrastructure within the MarkLogic platform that allows effective and integrated searches in both full-text and chemical information.As an example of this new approach a joint project between Thieme and InfoChem “Science of Synthesis” realized since 2013 will be described.Science of Synthesis ( provides a critical review of the chemical synthetic methodology developed from the early 1800s to-date.

As the only resource providing full-text descriptions of synthetic methods as well as chemical information, Science of Synthesis is a unique chemical information tool. Science of Synthesis takes full advantage of both the MarkLogic and the InfoChem technology. The talk will highlight how Thieme, InfoChem and MarkLogic open new insights to the pharmaceutical industry.