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Webinar: Using Big Data to Help Catch Bad Guys

July 18, 2013

Hear Rob Rudin, EMF Chief Engineer at Boeing, and Ken Krupa, Chief Field Architect at MarkLogic, discuss how you can leverage NoSQL and other technologies to incorporate more data faster, and analyze it to gain new insights to help with counterterrorism and law enforcement. Boeing has used MarkLogic as the applications and analytics platform for an Entity Management Framework (EMF) solution that helps with identity management, case management, screening, incident reporting, and criminal history. This solution is already deployed successfully in multiple agencies.

This webinar covers:

  • Key concepts in entity management
  • How to effectively combine raw source data and convert it into actionable intelligence
  • How to support group and individual workflow, data versioning and attribution, incident/event capture, and other important analytical activities in a complex system
  • Why MarkLogic was successful… and why traditional relational technology failed.