Conseils sur les données, meilleures pratiques NoSQL et informations spécifiques aux secteurs... vous y trouverez tout ce dont vous avez besoin

Data needs to serve Business Requirements not the other way around. When dealing with disparate data from a multitude of sources, Agile Modeling is a new approach that works better than relational modeling. Technologists need to learn it -- even if it's outside their comfort zones.
MarkLogic talks about the improved agility we enable for our customer – speeding up time to market for new products, as well as making it easier for organizations to adjust to changes in their business requirements. But can it be proven?
Free time: It’s elusive these days. But when 15-minute pockets of time suddenly appear (whether on the train or in a waiting room) you could spend it learning something new! With that in mind, MarkLogic University is launching an on-demand mobile app, built on the MarkLogic platform, so you can make the most of those treasured ‘free’ pockets of time.
Relational databases require ORM, which extracts the data away, tearing apart the data and adding more overhead in the process. This post is the last one in my series about “why RDBMS aren’t working” to handle today’s data challenges. The previous posts focused on the relational data model being a poor fit for today’s data, […]
They had data in multiple data stores -- and wanted Polyglot persistence but got poly lot of headaches instead. Then they switched to MarkLogic's multi-model database.
In his new role as head of the computer-science department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Jim Hendler wants to shake up how computer programming is taught — and share the code. In an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Hendler is concerned that the demand for resources is outpacing how fast people can be trained — and […]
I had a chance to catch up with David Gorbet, VP Engineering at MarkLogic about his upcoming keynote at MarkLogic World. He might be an engineer, but he is an engaging and colorful speaker – who likes to show as well as tell. His talk will be about changing the approach to data management from […]
At a recent Gartner show in London, one Dominic Spitz built an application on MarkLogic. In under 10 minutes. Without having ever done it before. You should probably know that Dominic Spitz is not a developer. In fact, he works between the sales and marketing teams of MarkLogic. Prior to this, he’d never before built […]
You probably haven’t heard of Dominic Spitz, marketing guru, non-developer extraordinaire, and 10-minute MarkLogic application builder. Now, gain some perspective from his technical Obi-wan Kenobi, MarkLogic Director of Sales Engineering Paul Preuveneers. Dominic Spitz is a very talented Marketing chap, and so unskilled at (tedious) programming tasks. With absolutely zero experience using MarkLogic, Dom was […]
For years MarkLogic was known as an XML repository — so its not surprising that folks don’t think of the Enterprise NoSQL database as natively handling JSON. But handle JSON it does — and very well. In fact my colleague Dave Cassel just put together a list of JavaScript tools that will help you jumpstart development. […]
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