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February 8, 2020
In this last blog of the series “What’s New with JavaScript in MarkLogic 10?,” we’ll review over the new object rest and spread properties in MarkLogic 10. As mentioned previously in the series, other newly introduced features of MarkLogic 10 include: The addition of JavaScript Modules, also known as MJS (which was discussed in detail in […]
February 8, 2020
This blog is a continuation of the series, “What’s New with JavaScript in MarkLogic 10?“. In the previous blog, we mentioned how MarkLogic 10 comes with a ton of new features, some of which include: The addition of JavaScript Modules, also known as MJS — which was discussed in detail in the previous blog. The […]
February 8, 2020
What’s New with JavaScript in MarkLogic 10? If you’ve been wondering What’s New with JavaScript in MarkLogic 10?, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog series, we’ll be reviewing over some of the new features of MarkLogic 10, such as: The addition of JavaScript Modules, also known as MJS. V8 Engine upgrade […]
November 8, 2019
【ステップバイステップ ガイド】 MarkLogicのUIアプリケーション作成ツール Grove
July 8, 2019
Why use Kafka with MarkLogic? The amount of data flowing into and between systems continues to grow every day. With these ever-increasing volumes of data, system integrators are turning to tools like Apache Kafka to provide a central routing service for streaming that data. One of the primary consumers of the data are databases like […]
The data pioneers at the North Pole have extended their use of NoSQL to help improve crowdsourcing projects!
Team JavaScript helps Santa modernize by building out a Secret Santa MVP in MarkLogic. Gone are the days of pulling names out of a hat!
When dealing with person names, nicknames can make it hard to tell if two people are indeed the same person, unless you had a tool to help you identify these names. But do you use a custom stemming dictionary? Stemming thesaurus? Are there other options? Here, we compare options for stemming person names in MarkLogic to help you decide which is the right approach for you.
Learn techniques to avoid deadlocks caused when one update nests another update in a separate transactional context and the deadlock happens between the two updates.
Get a perspective on the evolution (and some misconceptions!) of MarkLogic search capabilities, and some tips for developers.
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