Joe brings over three decades of experience as both an engineer and a leader at companies ranging from small startups to the Fortune 500. He has personally contributed to several game-changing initiatives including the first PC at Xerox, the rise of RDBMS in the early days of Oracle, and the desktop publishing revolution at Adobe.

Joe’s prior leadership roles at Symantec and Veritas Software, including VP of Strategy, VP of Global Research, and CTO of the $2B Data Center Management business, correspond to his interests in Security, Systems, and Storage which are all central to modern database systems.

Joe’s technical interests include system software, knowledge representation, and rights management. He has over 10 issued patents with others pending. Joe earned simultaneous Bachelor of Science Degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics from California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo where he is a member of the Computer Science Advisory Board.

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9 octobre 2018
New MarkLogic Data Hub Service delivers both agile data integration and agile data infrastructure – with unmatched security and governance, and predictable costs.
Wondering which type of data hub is best for you? Our EVP of Products provides a checklist – and explains the power of “operational” in the MarkLogic Operational Data Hub.
Pourquoi l'entreprise MarkLogic parvient-elle à bousculer les géants du secteur de la base de données ? Parce que nous écoutons nos clients. Sans oublier des délais de rentabilisation plus courts, des frais moins élevés, une plus grande agilité, davantage de partage et une capacité d'exécution en tous points.
Découvrez les premiers partenaires qui ont collaboré avec nous pour rendre MarkLogic 9 plus puissant et plus sécurisé, et en faciliter l'administration.
Il fut une époque où utiliser NoSQL constituait un risque pour votre activité. On peut dire aujourd'hui que c'est plutôt le fait de ne pas utiliser NoSQL qui est risqué. Mais attention, tous les systèmes NoSQL ne se valent pas !
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