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Cet e-book de plus de 75 pages est LE guide de référence du secteur pour la création et l'utilisation d'un hub de données. Il inclut des études de cas réelles de divers secteurs.
This webinar will explore how leading Fortune 500 companies are using the MarkLogic Data Hub to integrate their data faster, with lower cost and less risk.
La sécurité des données est une priorité absolue pour les entreprises et il existe une multitude de détails stratégiques que les experts en DevOps et en sécurité doivent prendre en compte. Mais d'un point de vue stratégique, que doivent envisager les directeurs des systèmes d'information, architectes et dirigeants commerciaux ?
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How do you get a 360-degree view of your supply chain? Learn how enterprises are optimizing their supply chain leveraging MarkLogic and technologies like AI, to increase efficiency.
Discover how Boeing is using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and MarkLogic to improve airplane costs, safety, and time to delivery.
Learn how MarkLogic can help manufacturers to deliver on industry 4.0 and deliver efficiency, reduce costs and create better products.
Industry leaders are taking a new approach to data. Instead of moving data around, they're connecting it - and using it not only to help them navigate today's complex business environment, but to transform for the future. At MarkLogic we know how to connect data and make it work harder for you.
This webinar will look at the current industrial landscape and its approach to data. From the strategic value of data to the practical, hands on lessons that leading organizations like Boeing, Eaton and Chevron are learning.
Learn how complex systems are challenging heavy industry organizations and why MarkLogic provides the solution with better data integration.
Pour rester compétitif dans le secteur de l'industrie lourde d'aujourd'hui, il faut être capable de naviguer dans des environnements commerciaux internes et externes complexes. Vos données sont-elles prêtes à répondre aux changements techniques et à l'évolution du marché à venir ?
Discover how Eaton used MarkLogic to create a centralized, near-real-time, standardized view of their operational data to see how better to run the business.
Discover how AIRBUS uses MarkLogic to reduce the time and costs of conducting critical tests without compromising safety.
MarkLogic World 2019 : Boeing présente des exemples de données en cours d'interrogation et explique l'environnement OpenMBEE dans lequel MarkLogic opère.
MarkLogic World 2019: This session will provide an overview of Boeing’s security strategy and how the organization is using technology to unlock the power of the company’s data.
MarkLogic World 2019: In this session, we take a deeper look at the techniques deployed by Eaton to track and acquire changes in source systems using traditional tools and compare them to new innovative ways to do change data capture.
MarkLogic World 2019: This session will delve into Chevron’s Equipment Smart Mastering strategy and execution, which is creating a 360-degree enterprise view.
MarkLogic World 2019: Airbus explains how it reduces the number of flight hours while also reducing time-consuming data retrieval from massive data sets with the MarkLogic data platform.
Les données sont votre meilleur atout pour mieux satisfaire vos clients, améliorer vos produits et naviguer dans des environnements commerciaux complexes. Elles sont aussi indispensables à la transformation pour l'avenir et à la création de valeur de l'industrie 4.0. Vos données sont-elles prêtes à être utilisées ?
For over 100 years, Mitchell1 has been helping their customers deliver the best possible automotive services. With digital products that leverage data from across the automotive repair lifecycle, and continually responding to customer needs in accessing information with the latest technology, Mitchell1 is ready for the next 100 years.
Learn the three signs your data isn't working for you – and how MarkLogic has helped unify the digital thread for Industry 4.0 organizations around the globe.
MarkLogic World 2018 Interview: Hear from Deepak Verma, Head of Analytics and Insights for Data Services at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), about how his organization works with MarkLogic.
MarkLogic World 2018: For Cisco, achieving business success means having great product content. It also means delivering that content to users quickly and efficiently.
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