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Smart Mastering addresses the challenge of matching and merging data from different sources, as part of the MarkLogic Data Hub. Traditionally, this challenge is tackled by master data management (MDM) solutions. However, traditional MDM as a solution pattern has a long history for being slow and brittle in addressing the ever-changing requirements of the business and variety of data sources being used.

As a feature of the MarkLogic Data Hub Framework (DHF), Smart Mastering provides a different architecture and methodology to improve data quality, enforce governance, and create business value. Our technology can ingest disparate data silos without requiring predefined schemas or ETL. By leveraging our patented search indexes, MarkLogic makes it trivial to query across all data sources that were previously siloed. Without huge upfront investments, you can improve data quality, assign ownership and capitalize on your data assets, all from the same platform.

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