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From drug discovery to clinical trials, data silos and piecemeal infrastructure lead to fragmented processes and critical information gaps across pharmaceutical R&D—hampering collaboration and spawning data quality issues that diminish the efficiency and effectiveness of all segments of the business.
The new MarkLogic Pharma Research Hub helps pharmaceutical organizations resolve the critical data challenges that traditionally slow R&D processes and the development of new drugs—making it easier to share information, reduce the burden on IT, and better leverage machine learning and AI.

In this discussion, you will see the new Pharma Research Hub in action and learn how it enables researchers to:

  • Quickly load any pharma data set, structured or unstructured, including publications, authors, drugs, compounds, targets, and genes—and scale on demand
  • Visualize relationships and discover new connections to see how researchers are connected to institutions, publications, and peers
  • Fully customize search results by adjusting weighting, relevance scores, and exclusions without IT assistance
Speaker Details:
  • Bill Fox, VP Vertical Strategy, CSO Healthcare and Life Sciences, MarkLogic
  • Imran Chaudhri, Chief Architect, Healthcare and Life Sciences, MarkLogic
  • Damon Feldman, Senior Director, Solutions Architecture, MarkLogic
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