Power Better Customer Experiences With a 360° View

The explosion of digital channels has dramatically changed how insurers reach, engage and influence their customers. Customer experience is now the area where insurers must differentiate themselves from competitors, create loyalty and ultimately increase profits. To address these challenges, insurers require a more accurate and transparent view of customer data over the full engagement lifecycle across sales, marketing, underwriting, risk management, and operations teams.

Providing up to 4 times faster data integration, semantic search, and government-grade security, our innovative technology offers a more efficient, agile approach to data management, enabling insurance organizations to power better customer experiences with a 360° view of their data.

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A Unified 360° Source of Truth

A single, 360° view of customer data is crucial to improving risk, client retention and operational efficiency, yet there are still barriers to achieving this within the insurance industry.

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It's Time for a Technology Shift

Find out how a genuine 360° view of your data creates a powerful, proactive tool for transforming your insurance business by exploiting new business opportunities.

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Classement Gartner SGBDO 2018

Challenger du Magic Quadrant 2018 de Gartner pour SGBDO

Pour la troisième année consécutive, MarkLogic a été reconnu comme challenger le mieux placé pour sa capacité d'exécution et le plus à droite pour l'exhaustivité dont l'entreprise fait preuve dans le quadrant des challengers.

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