Mitigating Risk in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Pharmas struggle to achieve critical visibility into fragmented supply chains, resulting in difficult lot genealogy and batch tracking, process and order management inefficiencies, unplanned down time, product shortages or excess inventories, temperature control issues, and lack of shipping transparency, etc. These challenges compromise a pharma’s ability to deliver safe medications to patients and comply with regulatory mandates.

And while automation, AI and machine learning promise to make drug supply chain operations more safe and efficient, successfully leveraging these technologies requires accurate, curated data to be effective.

MarkLogic’s data hub empowers pharmas with faster insight and simpler oversight:

  • Une intégration de données multi-structurées jusqu'à 10 10 fois plus rapide
  • A complete, 360 view of all data
  • Improved data governance
  • Advanced, granular security

By advancing efficient batch traceability, diversion and counterfeiting prevention, accurate forecasting, reduced lead times, and inventory optimization—MarkLogic enables our pharma customers to reduce waste while achieving end-to-end visibility and control of the supply chain.

Solutions for the Pharma Supply Chain

How Amgen is Digitalizing the Modern Pharma Supply Chain

Pharma 4.0 promises to change life sciences—contributing to safer, more efficient supply chains and protecting patient health. Unfortunately, lack of end-to-end visibility into fragmented supply chains presents an enormous challenge to this critical transformation.

Graph Stores Alone—Not Enough for Tracing Drug Lot Genealogy

For pharmas, drug recalls have a significant impact on both the public trust and bottom line. Thus, it’s crucial to build a platform that can flag signals as early as possible, wherever they occur, within the complex supply chain.

The Operational Data Hub for Pharma

MarkLogic empowers pharmas to streamline operations and accelerate time to market for new drugs. Learn how a data hub facilitates an accurate view of data—eliminating fragmentation while enabling new business models.

IDC Customer Spotlight: How AbbVie Unifies Drug Research Data

Discover how a leading biopharmaceutical company is empowering scientists to make better decisions by building a cloud-based data platform that provides real-time access to all data across the enterprise.

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Introducing the MarkLogic Pharma Research Hub

Integrate all pharma data 10X faster with the Pharma Research Hub—a single pane of glass that provides easy access to the widest possible array of data available, including publications, authors, genes, drugs, and more.


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